TransforMap public calendar

as the owncloud Calendar cannot be published, it is for now abbandoned, and the following calendar is the current public calendar of TransforMap:


please fill it!


I have created a co-munity page for hosting our calendar. Check it out:

I haven’t upgraded co-munity yet (was too busy with degrowth conference deployment), so the iCal export is still partially broken, but we can already fill in the calendar with events. It is also possible to aggregate other calendar feeds into the calendar, in case we need that at all.
I also added you all to the group, so that you can post events

@gandhiano the time is 1 hour off form CET, can that be changed?
When I want to export to my calendar, which actually works pretty fine! (bigup), the hour is one to little.

@josefkreitmayer on my program it works ok and the system is timezone aware. Can you check in your user preferences (on co-munity), as well as on the program you are using, whether you have the correct configuration (i.e. using CET)?

Note: I’ve tried to add the Tuesday Scrum Meeting two times (in this crappy webinterface), and it didn’t work … at least in Firefox.

In Chromium, it finally worked.

@gandhiano when will the iCal export be ready ? Need to have it in my Calendar applications too…

I don’t even know why had been pushed into our stack again. Has anybody ever had a look at

Maybe there’s some kind of trotskist entryism here? :fist:

The webinterface looks okay. A little 90’s style, but I can live with that.

Now we only need a CalDAV server which allows publishing a public read-only calendar :slight_smile:

Why would you need a CalDav server for publishing a public read-only calendar? Is iCal not enough for that and also more broadly used? You can import it basically everywhere, unlike CalDav, for which often you need special apps or plugins.

@species @almereyda do you really want to spend time even discussing this, when I’m already working on getting #174 ready with known and tested technology (yes, ugly for your tastes, but improveable, and with minor issues that are on the queue)? There are really more important parts to have deep technological discussions in TransforMap and where you both are absolutely required.

And one more thing: the public calendar should be something that comes on the main website. For this we basically need to understand how to get either a calendar or a list of upcoming events synchronised to it. iCal is again probably a more appropriate choice for that.

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In the end we don’t care about the interface, but only about the data which we can reuse everywhere. But I could have so much fund with deploying instead!

Don’t you have enough of other things to deploy, which also bring you so much fun? :stuck_out_tongue:
Or stabilizing stuff, e.g. the hackpad.
Just some ideas

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@gandhiano also could not setup an event in firefox. Did not try with chrome. 2 days ago it worked just perfectly fine.

If that is really what we NEED (?) (which I doubt), then:

where we again get focus / time constrains:

feels like high level procrastination.

#Why is our website actually not just a simple wordpress? Then we could take a calendar module,and done!
It would also be easier to mentain content there, as it is a widely known system.

It helps when you clearly describe your problem. Despite the glitches in the time settings (12h format) and the not-so-polished interface, I have not gotten any information from the dozens of people who use co-munity daily, that publishing an event is not working. You yourself were using it successfully before, so what has changed?

As for the calendar “synchronisation” or publication on the public page, maybe @kei and/or @almereyda have some ideas on what data they would need to get, so that a nice calendar or list of upcoming events is rendered from a dynamic source on the landing page. I suggest that any aspects related to concept are compiled and synthesized on the hackpad we started for it. delivers just salad (actually useful salad for programmers I guess)

There is a bug with the sessions. You need to log out of it and in again (go on the left, click on new workspace, logout, then again on the hackpad workspace and login with your same user - worked for me)

I filled out the form, clicked “Publish”. Only the rotating “wait” icon showed up, and nothing happened for ∞ time.

Maybe an AJAX issue, as there is an AJAX-based blocker for avoiding multiple submissions. Did you ever check if the submission did succeed? Otherwise, can you reproduce it again?

In no case in the last days the submission completed in Iceweasel.

I tried it today again, this time it worked -_-

But that doesn’t change my attitude against the UI ^^.