TransforMap Taxonomy - Overview

This post should provide a quick overview of the current status of the TransforMap taxonomy.

The latest version of the taxonomy can be found in this page in the OSM-Wiki.

For the coordination of meetings and issues, we have a Trello Board.

We have a collection of different POI-types, their OSM-tags and their default TransforTax-tags in an Ethercalc: TransforMap-POIs.

While collaborating with a lot of people (e.g. at telcos), work is done in this Ethercalc: OSM-Taxonomie (not up to date!). Older revisions of the Taxonomy are (partly) archived on Github.

I would like to point you also to

where I started to think about next steps, like coupling transformap taxonomy to wikidata …

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@species any idea why the Ethercalc link is showing a security issue currently? Its only recently changed.

@toka how closely do the files in your Github project match what was on the Ethercalc?