Transition Network checking in

Hi Transformap

I’m writing from Transition Network, the UK charity that amongst other things maintains the database of global Transition Initiatives here:

  • This data is Open data, released under a Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike license 3.0

  • We’d love to see this data presented in other places, particularly on the base layer of Open Street Map.

  • We are currently updating our website, on the new site we plan to represent our global map of Transition Initiatives on a Open Street Map base layer.

  • Are there things we can do to make our Initiative location data more accessible to you? Is GeoRSS useful to you?

  • We are interested to explore whether we can embed Transformap maps in our site. We’d want the default layer to only show Transition Initiatives & Projects, but might be interested in having other layers of data hidden behind a click.

  • We are developing an open source widget to aid collection of our Initiative geo-data. The idea is our national/ regional hubs can use this widget in their websites to collect registrations from within their area. We call it the International Initiative Registration Service (IIRS) It’s very early days for the project, some information about it is here:
    Some very Alpha code is here: It may evolve into something that is useful for the broader Transformap community?

  • One of the challenges for us is maintaining up to date data, have you had discussions about setting a time to live, for data collated or aggregated by Transformap?

  • Could you update the contact information for us here: to use the email: websupport

In short we are interested in your project, and are interested in exploring some mutually beneficial collaboration.

Kind regards

Sam Rossiter

Web & Communications support

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Hi Sam.

Thanks a lot for your input.
Most bullet points deserve an own thread, so lets try to find headlines for each of them.

We are in the early stages of gathering people interested in data cooperation / data sharing.
So basically we have to create a shared space of awareness of this topics.
From this small steps towards a bigger data commons can emerge.

Please notice, that our collection of mappings ressources moved to a semantic wiki.
But we removed any private data in that process.
Our new policy is, that we will not publish any data with privacy concerns but invite the data owners, to do so themselves.

For transition towns I found the entry
I hope you find it easy to change it yourself

Thank you for joining our efforts.

Thomas Kalka

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Hi @SamRossiter,

this is great news, welcome on board! I hope that my colleagues will respond to the more technical issues. I shortly wanna do two things:

  1. invite you to join the global transformap-mailing list (where we should post this conversation as well)

global mailing list

  1. react on this point:

This is PRECISELY why the category “Self-description of a community” belongs to the core of our taxonomy proposal, which we are about to submit to OSM ( @species), we want to create not “default” layers, but layers that enable ppl to show all commons/ all Solidarity Economy Projects, all Transition Towns etc with a single click; That’s why we suggest to make the selection of one of these communities mandatory while obviously providing FREE TEXT to add more communities that meet the gools of this convergence of alternatives to the dominant economic thinking.
Transition Town is - of course - already part of the presets; here:

The only thing we still need to finally submit the proposal to OSM is ONE example for each of our categories. You can just add this example to the description of Transition Towns (column: description:en) in our wiki, the other communities will need to do so as well.

Again, this looks like a fruitful cooperation lying ahead of us

Hi Sam,

welcome on Board!

I’ll respond to some questions:

If your initatives want to be added to OSM, they’re very welcome! But one term applies: OSM is not compatible with CC-BY-SA any longer - we made the switch to Open Database License some years ago. So you have to re-license your dataset, accepting the OSM Contributor Terms. The reason for this is we simply cannot show every single contributor’s name on the map, as it is required by CC-BY.

That should be no problem, look here:
Just ask if you need assistance on this!

We haven’t thought on continuous updates from other datasources yet, every suggestion is welcome! Current approach is to merge items manually into OSM, because in a lot of cases the object is already present in OSM and we must avoid duplicate entries.

That’s exactly one of our goals, so every partner can display his POIs out of the database! There is active development on various different maps here on github, if anyone of you knows basic Javascript, it’s worth a look. I’m working on a ready-to-include library, stay tuned!

That’s one of the reasons we like to use OSM for base data - the whole OSM community can help to maintain the data :smile:
Everything you see on the map on is minutely accurate OSM data.

I’ll respond to your other input as soon as I have some more time…

Meanwhile, don’t hesitate to drop more questions here, you’re welcome!

Hi thanks for the responses.

I have joined the mailing list.

I’ll investigate re-licencing the content. This could be problematic for us as users have submitted this content, in the expectation that they will be attributed. Would it not be possible to populate the ‘Source’ field with the author name from our database? We’d then be compliant with the attribution licence the content was submitted under?

I’m interested in exploring the idea of continuous updates, We’d hope our database was the cannonical(ish) version of the data on active Transition Initiatives. Whilst representing it on OSM is of interest, it would be some additional admin to have to remove inactive initiatives from both our own database and OSM.

I’ll get our developer to take a look at the Javascript…



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