Tuomo Alhojärvi

Hi everyone!

Joining the project from Helsinki, Finland. I’m active in the Solidarity Economy Collective of Finland, which is associated with commons.fi (see below for English description, in case you’re unfortunate enough not to understand Finnish).

I’m a geographer, but have been more active with alter-economic praxis, political ecology and critical cartographical theory rather than any actual mapping. Anyway, you can find my OSM profile here. Haven’t been using it for years, but this is a nice opportunity to get back into mapping.

Great to see this project happening and I hope our small but enthusiastic group can contribute to it!

welcome @tuomo - awesome!
I was still wait for Ruby’s feedback. Did you discuss all the things we’ve talked about in Tunis (with Ruby and via mail).
Would you do some testmapping in Finland? And help us understanding what you’re doing with translations from your wonderful language to us, the unfortunate ppl who don’t understand a word?
Let’s use our regional pages -> here:

ah, one more thing, @tuomo . If you are familiar with OSM, then you might be interested in testing our JOSM editor,
see Which tools are available for mapping?
@species will certainly be happy about your feedback.

Hi Tuomo,

great to have another OpenStreetMapper on board, welcome!

You can either try our JOSM, or the newly added customised iD-fork.

If you have any questions, just ask :slight_smile:

Hi Tuomo.

Welcome too!

Please feel invited to the two other steps of

Thanks Thomas, did that!

Thanks Michael! I already used the editor a bit, and it seems really easy to use. Can you please redirect me to the best place (in the forum) to ask simple questions about the tools? (e.g. Why doesn’t my edit appear yet on the demo map?) Still trying to figure my way in the Discourse. I’ll also download JOSM again and try to remember how to use it.

I’ve created a new category for iD, feel free to create a topic with more questions there!

Because the map you linked focues on one part of TransforMap (the regional one), displaying only items which are tagged “regional”.
Your edit does indeed appear on the Map of Identities :slight_smile:

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Just ask questions everywhere.
Every input will help the next reader …

We are rework friendly, so do not hesitate do add some noise …

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Hey @tuomo, I’ve just answered your message. I reproduce parts that can be useful for others. As a geographer and cartographer interested in research, you may be interested by the discussion category Research where we’re trying to form a group of researcher that will grow with TransforMap, to inform and analyze the process.
Looking forward.