UK Medical Herb Growers Network

(Jason Knight) #1

Hi Everyone,

My name is Jason; I am making a website for a group called the UK Medical Herb Growers Network which aims to connect herb growers, suppliers, medicine makers, communities and event organisers etc. A large part of the site will revolve around having a map that people post their individual projects on so we can begin building the network. One of our members recommended using tranformap, and after reading about it myself it sounds perfect! I was wondering how to get started? I am building the site in Dreamweaver, HTML4 using Bootstrap. Is there any documentation that acts as a start up guide?



(Jon Richter) #2

Dear @Jason_Knight,

I am mirroring here for all of this sites audience :speech_balloon: the conversation we had back then in Riot:

Great you get in touch with us. Currently the Transformap testbed involves a modular system of components, that make up the final applications.
Please make yourself comfortable with:
Introducing the TransforMap Testbed architecture
Which TransforMap web services exist?

I am currently working on a fork of the editor that involves custom urban gardening data and an associated taxonomy in

Will you and your users want to donate your data to the public domain? Then we can continue talking about how to use the existing services for your use case.

(Jon Richter) #3

@Jason_Knight, please know that there’s now little progress in supporting individual taxonomies in our transformap-viewer by efforts of the project