uMap integration

(Adrien Labaeye) #1

Starting a thread about uMap to gather all discussion/info about uMap and how it can be integrated to the TransforMap galaxy.

So far were suggestions for improvements to the source code from @toka:

  • uuid (random), so it will be possible to track changes to any object
  • revision (timestamp)
  • update for (old revision) - @tokaTODO : add a sentence to explain
  • fixed download url

@toka: do you see other things? When should we try to contact Yohan? I could write an email with you in Cc as a start… landing page
(Thomas Kalka) #2

There are more things which could come later (like shared taxonomy, input masks for transformap, shared icons). But this above list includes the essentials, to get data flow.

Ask him, to join our discussion here.
We have a small budget for this.
Maybe this makes it easier to invest some time into this topic.

(Adrien Labaeye) #3

I report here some elements of my conversation with Yohan:

  • he generally doesn’t accept money for his volunteer work (here Umap), but it doesn’t mean he cannot put our requests as a priority
  • he is busy with refactoring Umap to make it Leaflet 1.0 ready. He cannot do much intil this ready…
  • he is very interested by TransforMap and supports its vision.
  • he would like to contribute and find time and ways to do it

An online meeting with @toka and @alabaeye is being planned in the next coming 10 days. please let us know if you’d like to join the meeting. The agenda is the following:

  • challenging Umap as solution for TransforMap
  • agreeing on common objectives
  • first evaluation of features needed/possible

Status quo on Transformap
(Adrien Labaeye) #4

Yohan accepted all our requests but is stuck with the integration of the latest version of Leaflet which is being delayed because its main developer is overwhelmed.
Yohan will process our requests after that and when he has a bit of free time.
Full notes from the call:
Could be time to check the status of things on this front.

(Josef Kreitmayer) #7


Stephan Bösch-Plepelits (Plepe) fixed some issue on Umap with the help of @ybon.
Plepe seems to be (apart from I guess many other things I am not aware of):

Would you like to have a look at his blog, there is also an email address, and invite him to our conversation?

: )

(Y'a la merde!) #8

Yes, this is a nice idea to strengthen the Austrian TransforMap community.
I am sure if you are meeting in Vienna for a one or two day workshop, Florian Ledermann could feel tempted to join, too!

(Josef Kreitmayer) #9

Actually this post about Stephan was about his contribution to Umap, and as Jon who is mainly involved in the Umap development (and also in correspondence with the Umap Github list), was not responsive at that time, I thought of @species to get into contact with Plepe who seems to be somewhat expierenced with applying Umap in some context and cintributing on github.

@almereyda, please also feel invited to contact him, the austrian proximity is just an coincidence. I can imagine meeting Florian and Plepe in March.