Upcoming Events

We point to upcoming events of interest to a broader transformap audience in this thread.
This will have the advantage to be able to talk about them in this space.

To add a new event use the “+ add linked topic” link on the right, which you can see, if you keep your mouse pointer over this message. Please use “YEAR-MONTH-DAY Title” as naming scheme for such threads.

  • In the Discourse section “Meetings” you can find an overview on current meeting-related conversations (feel free to engage and join a meeting / some might be of an established working team, so please knock and ask)

  • shared Calendar overview
    provides a time-oriented overiew of the upcomming events and work-meetings].

  • In the Discourse section “Minutes” you can find minutes, transcribed pads and protocols, from previous meetings. (As the copying from the live-pad software is sometimes clumsy, feel free to make edits in the style of the pads.)

  • For an inspirational view in the broad field have a view in @almereyda’s collection of various unspecified events

  • Contribute by e.g. sharing the relevant events you know about or joining an event.

  • Once an event is taken on by some person, the beauty of Discourse allows it to be moved to the “Meetings section”, and still be linked below, so also follow the links to see, what is going on.

2015-11-6 (-7) Urban Commons Conference (with Deep Dive for Sharing Cities book on 8th) (Bologna /IT)

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