Usage of Loomio and/or other online-decisionmaking interfaces

Continuing the discussion from Self-Description of Transformap:

Ich sehe nicht die Vorteile dieses Tools. Es schafft noch mehr Divergenz.
Ein ähnliches Vorgehen ist doch auch hier in Discourse möglich, und eventuell wäre das auch eine Lösung bzw Ergänzung zu der nicht wachsenden Self-Description of Transformap:

Wenn wir zusätzlich zu einem kurzem Introtext eine Sammlung von Selbst-Beschreibungen der Einzelnen Personen hätten, würde das die Unterschiedlichkeit der Ansätze und in diesen dann auch das Gemeinsame implizit beschreiben.
Ich denke da zum Beispiel an die Vorstellungsrunde im Potsdamer Treffen (TODO: Link).

we could yes. Let’s list the various proposals.

Well, we can also use the Discourse poll plugin for simple procedures:

  • Observatory
  • Commoning
  • Process Design

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  • Craftswomanship
  • VETO

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An interesting sidenote on our decision making practice:
@alabaeye @almereyda,

  • dicourse socio-technically exlcudes / does not include people, that are not active participants of an ongoing discussion.
  • So in itiself is not useful for decision-making.

The respective story to that:

I just stumbled upon the category “commoning”, with 3 first impressions in my mind:

  • “wtf when and how did that happen?”
  • “kind of like it, still don´t understand how it came there?”
  • “did sbd just change it? I go and search if Adrien put a thread about the proposal he wanted to make in the sprint.”

Then I found this conversation, and noticed, that you actually also ran a voting. … with 2 participants … and based on that legitimation, made the adjustment.

discourse is not an appropriate voting tool for a commoning process (currently it is not, probably it could become one, if we e.g. integrate the @ handles like the @Scrum that use to work at some point.

Yes, I have been thinking about this. Wouldn’t it to be nice for the poll plugin to support public answers with small avatar circles next to the answers, like in thread overviews, too?

Why I like separation of concerns: DemocracyOS or Loomio would be much better for this kind of conversations.

I am opposing the introduction of any new workflows and tools until the current ones are stabilised, documented and with proper feedback channels for issue tracking, helpdesk, etc.

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