Using co-budget for allocating resources

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I started a transformap co-budget group:
Ask me if you need an invite to join the group. We can start playing around and evaluate how far it can be used to manage the buckets that are open for community!
Their repo with code and some more information is here:
The good thing with the online app is we have no infrastructure to deploy…

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this could even be used to finalize the current budgeting exercise… just saying… @josefkreitmayer @gandhiano @almereyda

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I would support that. The app looks very simple and fitting very well a community-based approach to budgeting and requirements, which we also follow.

Working with this beta software and an experimental process until September could be a good opportunity for polishing workflows and contributing with ideas/test cases for the cobudget developers.

After making a first test of it, I noticed that there is a lot of overlapping with the budgeting/bucket system of Taiga Tribe.

Would be interesting to understand better how one and the other could help us settling appropriate workflows for the Erlenmeyer flask.


@alabaeye where can I find more information about co-budget?

In general, I think that we should rather work on getting our current workflows in order than experimenting with new tools. Therefor I would say. Let´s have a look at both, but not get blocked by it and keep developing with the spreadsheet / taiga stories to respective deliverables.

I notice, that we should have a photo of the flipcharts, did anyone do that?

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happy to ditch that opinion, if @alabaeye and @gandhiano are fully enthusiastic of using co-budget or taiga-tribe, and take co-responsibility to making it work for us.

Already answered that question :slight_smile: [quote=“alabaeye, post:1, topic:1031”]
Their repo with code and some more information is here:

@alabaeye actually I have a quite detailed description about making use of Co-Budget from @francesca from Ouishare, as Ouishare launched using co-budget. Unfortunaltely I am currently overwhelmed to contribute in that process.

Her description is really awsome, but would need rework, as it contains Ouishare internals which is ment for Ouishare connectors and very likely not for the general public.

I would be interested in knowing about Ouishare’s workflows in using co-budget. When you mention their use of co-budget, are you referring to the software, or to an overall process of co-budgeting? Because AFAIK the software is quite new, and still a beta.

I am also interesting in refining workflows for co-budgeting, whether using this tool or others. My vision, and I think shared by the colleagues at Ecobytes, is to extend and adapt to an IT collective/federation, the community-supported model that we find for example in community supported agriculture schemes (my own direct experience is with the German Solidarische Landwirtschaft, or Solawi).

A quite interesting model, relating agile methodologies with community based requirements and decision making, was sketched at last years network meeting of the Solawi Netzwerk and I’m linking to it here. This is also what we have, to some extent - but with very limited time and resources - been trying to approach with the Ecobytes collective, and it it forms a background for my proposed workflows with agile/scrum in the production of techno-social commons.

I would be very interested in further developing this, and settling more consolidated workflows and tools for applying such concepts routinely in the olidarity economies and commoning processes we are part of.

Flowchart for community-based/supported development, documented at the Solawi Webcrew workshop during the Solawi Frühjahrstagung 2015

thanks for this bit of thinking.
I leaving this here as this could possibly be a way to manage the community buckets
@kei you were saying there is a beta to be tested? Can you link that?

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The user sign up process for CoBudget seems utterly broken: It is inexpressive and only indirectly implied. Also be aware the beta doesn’t support HTTPS for no obvious reasons, as Let’s Encrypt is broadly available.

I am unable to access that page. Could you please try changing its visibility or adding the cobudget user

Taiga Tribe is not FLOSS.

invited you.

Thanks, just found the invite from yesterday in my inbox right now.

@alabaeye what would you consider the best way to inform the projects, that got funds from the co-budget allocation, that the payment is delayed until late september.

The awaited 2nd chest installment will be released in the first half of sept, and we need to make sure to hold enough liquidity until then.

writing here: Call for mini-proposals: funding the community with community buckets
And then sending them an email with the information they’ll need to provide.