Using Wikidata for identifiers, storage and metadata aggregation

I met the developer of and was pretty impressed at how he uses wikidata for the metadata of books.

Are we thinking or can we think of a similar approach for POIs? On books there is the ISBN which helps to have a standard unique referrer to the books (and from that authors, etc.).

What would be the equivalent for geodata? How does OSM already address this? And what about non-OSM POIs?

I don’t know, but you can add practically anything to Wikidata, it will get an unique Wikidata Number.

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How does OSM already address this?
OSM doesn’t have stable identifiers yet. But one can link from OSM to Wikidata and use that as an ID :wink:

If they are suitable for Wikidata, we may use Wikidata’s ID.
If not, … asking @almereyda and @toka for ideas!

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I would then be strongly inclined to say, that we should use Wikidata to get stable identifiers and to feed our (meta)data in. Wikidata seems to be gaining momentum and can help to support a good articulation and cooperation with other projects and initiatives.

Unless there are technical limitations/concerns of any kind by others. Are there past discussions on Transformap regarding this topic?

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