Valueflows and TransforMap coordination

@almereyda and anyone interested…

This is to start a conversation to figure out when and where Valueflows and TransforMap can start coordinating on vocabulary.

Perhaps start with people / organizations and locations? (We are not far enough along on offers and wants.) We have been working on agents and their relationships, and it would be great to make sure we are tracking OK with you, and will be able to map to your vocabulary without a big hiccup. If this makes sense, how would be best to do it? Is there a place we can review what you have?

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@fosterlynn OVN and Valueflows have been mentioned several times in our meetings, especially by @almereyda. I believe this discussion could, beyond the development of vocabularies and ontologies, also play and important role within the governance and commoning process of TransforMap.

At the last retrospective meeting in Witzenhausen we planned to call for a governance circle meeting this month to address several issues related to the work of a scrum team (which is working to a large extent on development and community operations at a professional level), and of TransforMap in general. I would find it extremely useful if you could prepare a short overview on how OVN/Valueflows could support both the governance and commoning of TransforMap.

I am also exploring the usefulness of OVN/valueflows for marketplace-like projects not related to software development, in particular for a regional resource pool focused on building up solidarity with refugees. As this also intertwines with networking efforts in the region, which incorporate TransforMap, I would be interested to hear about any thoughts or experiences related to this.

@gandhiano Your reply goes well beyond what I was thinking about, which is all the better! I promise something within a 2 or 3 days as response to your request. It may not be as much as you hope for, but I will do my best. Just as a note, valueflows goes farther than OVNs, it is meant to support all next economy networks and economic forms.


@gandhiano First, an explanation of the projects:

Valueflows from our description: Value Flows is a set of common vocabularies to describe flows of economic resources of all kinds within distributed economic ecosystems. Purpose: to enable internetworking among many different software projects for resource planning and accounting within fractal networks of people and groups. Or, if that is too many buzzwords, “let’s help a lot of alternative economic software projects that are solving different pieces of the same puzzle be able to work together”.

OVN: Sensorica ( has been experimenting with the Open Value Network concept perhaps the longest, at least as far as we know. We ( in collaboration with Sensorica have been working on operational software for OVNs called NRP for Network Resource Planning, although it has had a bunch of names and probably needs a new one ( The software is starting to support a handful of other networks (not all OVNs), but it is still mostly based on Sensorica’s practices.

The core model of the NRP software is much of the starting point for the Valueflows project, although it of course is being modified in the collaborative process within the Valueflows project. (And it doesn’t do much with location or POI, we are hoping to use what you guys are doing for that!)

There is a lot of governance being worked out in Sensorica that is not embodied in the software. The software is basically operations and accounting. The piece of the software that does embody a part of the governance is the value equation. The value equation defines how income is to be distributed based on contributions. So people log their work,
financial contributions, and deliverables in the system, forming chains of resource flows (value flows). And then the distribution process finds all the contributions backwards down the chains, and applies the value equation to distribute income. Here is more info on the value equation:

Note we haven’t used NRP for software development projects yet. But it would be interesting. It does support valuing by time or by deliverables. But we think it might want to be integrated with software commits, for example in github. It would require a bit of thought and possibly some modification, all of which is fine.

I am also exploring the usefulness of OVN/valueflows for marketplace-like projects not related to software development

We (@bhaugen and I) are also very interested in regional economic ecosystems, which is what your links bring to mind. Here is some software we worked on with fisheries in Nova Scotia some years back: This is not a marketplace, more like for regional identification of possibly useful connections and gaps. It uses the same resource flow model, and is meant to interface with the operational layer.

The NRP software doesn’t have a marketplace feature – it supports exchanges, but not with the marketplace offers and wants and conversations. It is more oriented towards value creation. The Valueflows vocabulary will most definitely include marketplace/exchange vocab, but it is not there yet.

Some people we know who are doing a marketplace: Mutual Aid Network in Madison, WI, US ( They have an existing timebank using, and are implementing WeZer (from Odoo, which is from OpenERP – for the rest of the network. They may use CommunityExchangeSystem (, code at for interfacing these – it is a mutual credit clearinghouse that manages authentication, unit conversion, etc. We can get you in touch with any of these people if you like.

Also, FairCoop (, is working on modifying Odoo for their marketplace, last we heard.

Hope this helps, feel free to ask more questions…


If you mean the valueflows vocabulary, it’s just a vocabulary, and not a finished one at that. If you mean to integrate real value flows into transformap, that would be an interesting discussion topic. Might be doable in several different ways.

I wonder what is the value that could flow from Transformap by standardizing a vocab there?

Transformap is I think built to aggregate or simply render data from diverse sources relating to new economy initiatives. Valueflows could assist with integrating data sets, but not so much with publishing?

I suppose we could think about a future version of the map which incorporates much more granular and transitory data about specific resources/needs which crop up tied to location, and can be fulfilled (rather than a stable location of recurring activities or project).

Anyways, just signing up to the discussion here as I’m interested on both accounts (the mapping and the vocab), and trying to see the intersection. Also, I would like to add the prospect of an expanded or parallel vocab space which addresses more of the soft / subjective value spectrum and even ideologies which motivate these ‘transformX’ initiatives, something that is central to the work of Real Economy Lab and other efforts I’m involved with to understand cultural and conceptual landscapes that drive behavior (and may be mapped to help optimize exchanges and engagements).

Map of REL working ontology

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Suggest parallel. The ValueFlows vocab is big enough already. A couple of places they could connect is which we haven’t done much with yet, and also maybe flows of intangibles.