Video-tutorial for Editor

(Josef Kreitmayer) #1

I would like to ask @orschiro if you would like to do a video-tutorial to the editor, once it is finished by mid of february. Would you be interested to do another video?

The first iteration will be not fully public, but we can open it to interested contributors in the Transformap environment. All forks, that will be generated from there will be quite similar in the functionalities, just the filters that are available will be different.

(Robert Orzanna) #2

Yes, count on me. :slight_smile:

(Jon Richter) #3

@orschiro There is a new development to this, as @Silke suggested to test drive the TransforMap testbed with the users at place during the #communities:intermapping event in Florence next month.

Her proposal was to help finding the pain points together and prepare a narrative which can be used for the webinar as well as a presentation.

Which are your favourite communication channels to prepare this?

(Josef Kreitmayer) #4

@orschiro the new editor css is almost done. I also noticed, that we will very likely need short video tutorials for several interfaces in transformap. They are somehow practical, once you understand where to find what, but in the first place, they are not very intuitive.

E.g. find the image upload here:, upload the image, go to the image, copy the link, paste the link here under “image link” (or in the respective editor of the used taxonomy):

Once you got it, it is quite easy, but unless you know your ways, it is rather impossible.

I wonder @orschiro what software are you using for the screen recording?

Looking forward to present you the editor. Actually, there will be a variety of editors, but the main components apart from the filter system will be the same.

(Josef Kreitmayer) #5

hello @orschiro
tada, here is the currently first working version of the editor:

On the top right side is a “help” button. With the help section, everyone should be able to use the editor within 15 min. Would be lovely if you want to give it a try. Any suggestions for improvement on the help-guide are very welcome.

The visual design just got finished end of last week. We cannot yet publish it, as some important login and security features (history and restore function) are missing, but trusted partners can already use it.

@Silke and @almereyda would like to use it for an internaitonal mapping workshop in Italy next month, as mentioned by @almereyda.

(Silke ) #6

Oh, that would be awesome! I am keen to test it out with ppl in the communities around Florence we’ll visit after the Deep Dive proper! And having a tutorial helps a great deal. I know, time is running — ahh, and I also asked @josefkreitmayer and @species (Josef, wd you mind sharing our exchange with Michael?) if the “values” of the original transformap taxonomy we’ve dubbed “mode of interaction” (like bartering, sharing, gifting, co-using etc) could still be incorporated in the editor? I mean this part of the taxonomy: . If not, a key piece is missing, if we wanna display "alternative economies"
your thoughts?
@gandhiano @almereyda @Team

(Robert Orzanna) #7

@almereyda regrets for my delayed response. My preferred communication is email ( I am happy to help with any preparation remotely from Valencia, Spain as I am not able to be in Florence.

@josefkreitmayer thank you! I will test the new editor and get back to you in the next days. I am happy to do some video tutorials if you tell me what exactly you want me to show. I am on Linux and normally Vokoscreen for the recordings. :slight_smile:

(Sunna Kovanen) #8

Hi, I would like to get a short clarification on the difference between this editor and the previous server-based-version which is accessible via “tools” - post? Which one should I use for mapping actors for our local susy- and commons projects now?

(Josef Kreitmayer) #9

Hello @Sunnakaisa please use this editor:
Please do not spread the link, as the login-system is not yet in place.

happy mapping

: )

(Sunna Kovanen) #10

Thanks! I got stuck with technical issues straight away when trying the first version so I’m reliefed and happy with this one now :slight_smile:

But how about the viewer-link to the actual map, can we replace our old link with that one or is the editor easily accessible without login via the viewer only?

(Josef Kreitmayer) #11

You can make use of that link:
It does not yet contain the initiatives in the initial map with the old editor, but I guess we will migrate them before the summer.

Please do not post the “go to map” link from the editor. It contains an edit link with each initiative. That is not open until final release of the login system.

(Sunna Kovanen) #12