Webinar: presenting the first Transformap API

We would like to invite all participants of the Transformap community and any interested developers, researchers and activists, to join the second webinar of the Witzenhausen Hackathon, held by @species, @maxlath, @almereyda and @gandhiano.

This webinar will focus on:

  • presentation and Q&A on the new API
  • cooperation with other collectives and initiatives

Friday, Feb 19th, 12:00 CET on this hangout

cc @mattw @pmackay @Luca @mariana @Simon_Sarazin @herrmellin @toka @josefkreitmayer @alabaeye @kei

I will be there tomorrow.

I just realised that 12CET is mine 11am! I can’t be there at 11am. Are you going to record the session?

Exactly that time I am in a flight.

If possible, I would very much apprechiate a recording of the webinar.

That would be so great to get up to date.

I am very excited, with what you guys came up and are working on!
Am 18.02.2016 23:27 schrieb “Gualter Barbas Baptista” <

We will record the session and we will probably also still be there at 13:00 CET :smile:

Hi Jon,

I am very interested to participate in the Hangout on Friday. Which
technology do you use? Is Skype ok?


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We just finished the Webinar session as announced by the mailing list, on Twitter and here. Unfortunately no one joined us, but we keep on trying :four_leaf_clover:

Hi Jon,

oh, thats a pity. I sende my skype name to you and waited
all the time. I have stil the question, how to integrate the idea with
weelchair accessability and lokal knowledge on this topic. Perhaps you
could discouss this in your meeting.





I am sorry. I arrived to late. When I connected there was already only noise and people talking on the background saying things like “I am going to eat”. Sorry!


Sorry to have missed this. Would love to attend the next one and hear more! I’m a grad student & involved in urban ag projects (includes some mapping).

I’m based out of Toronto usually EST/EDT so UTC-05.00/-04.00 (though jumping around timezones at the moment).

Can you ping me on discourse on the next announcement? I’m not here too frequently… or it looks like there is the mailing list, will jump on that!


Hi @dcwalk, yes you can join the global mailing list for getting all important announcements over e-mail.

I would have joined in if I’d known about it before it happened! I look forward to hearing more about the API. I’ve now joined the global mailing list - hopefully that means I’ll get earlier warning of events like this :slightly_smiling:

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I wasnt able to join the webinar unfortunately but are there some docs for the API to take a look at? Interested to learn a bit more :slight_smile:

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Not so many docs for API consumers yet, but you can certainly get a grasp by looking at the code, issues and PRs on the GitHub Repo.

I think we need to schedule a new webinar for March, announcing it with the due time. Lets see what is possible, and especially if we can find also a date where @maxlath can join.

hm, if you really want to invite ppl, then pls. spread the word through more than one channel, tnx
Hope the webinar went well.

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