Wendy Brawer - Green Map System

As the person who got the Green Map movement started 20 years ago, I’m happy to learn more about Transformap and the people making it happen.

Our locally-led globally-linked network has connected people in 925 diverse cities and towns in 65 countries to date. Using mapmaking as our medium of community engagement, we have collectively charted 37,000 ecological, cultural, social and green living sites on the [Open Green Map][1]* and there are thousands more on regional platforms, print and multimedia Green Maps.

While each local effort is unique, we share a globally designed iconography which you can see on Transformap, and download as a poster in several languages at http://GreenMap.org/icons. Designed to evolve with our understanding of sustainability (balance of economic integrity, environmental vitality, social equity), this 170-symbol set has an underlying pattern that can be downloaded from that page and used to design new global and local icons.

Some German Green Mapmakers, like Thomas Schwab of Muenchen, are already involved with Transformap, which I first heard about through Helmut Wolman of the Von Morgen map. Bringing all the related maps and data together is very exciting and very much needed, especially when it’s open and inclusive! I’m not a coder, but an eco-designer with related experience and ideas that could be very useful.

I’m based in New York, so it’s difficult to join your meetings in person unless planned ahead. I’ll miss SOLIKON but will be in Iceland and UK in the next few days, and will share what you are doing with Green Mapmakers there, and beyond. Thank you.

Global: http://GreenMap.org
My site: http://ecoCultural.info
Twitter: @GreenMap @GreenMapNYC @WendyBrawer

[1]: * http://OpenGreenMap.org/home - yes, our choice of names is confusing, but we built this social mapping platform to be open to public comment, images and site suggestions.