What, how much, and where to map?

Can we map any kind of SSE initiative that we want to include, or is it limited to those identified in the report?


  • You can map all initiatives in your country, that fit the main criteria of SSE intiatives, as represented in the terms of reference of the resarch activity.
  • The “Initiative Map” does not directly correspond with the stakeholder colleciton. Stakeholders, that are initiatives / social businesses / projects / SSE organizations, can be included.
  • For the “Stakeholder Map”, the researchers are required to fill their collected stakeholders in a template, that will be provided in Februar 2016.

Do we need to map in the territories, assigned to our organization in the EU application?


  • It is mandatory to map some initiatives (at least 1 - 3, as the bare minimum) in the assigned territories.
  • You can also map in your country beyond your territories.

How much do we need to map?


  • You have to map a minimum of 1-3 initiatives per territory and can also map in your country beyond your territories. We strongly want to encourage to collect more than the minimum, as the minimum does not make the map come alive. As in general with any work of art or of great magnificence, there is nothing substantial possible without noble energy. We want to invite your noble energy to built together a magnificent map of SSE all over Europe. It would be great, if you can contribute SSE initiatives all over your country, as in your capacity and enthusiasm for the project.

Can we map beyond our country?


  • No, we do not have capacity to integrate that in the SSEDAS map at this point.

In the preparatory phase, and through the evaluations of the partner questionnaire, the TransforMap partners, Inkota and the Steering Committee decided, that we currently want to just focus on the SSE initiatives in Europe, as the the compilation of the multitude of 23 countries and their understanding of SSE initiatives combined in one map seems as big as a challenge we can currently propperly take care of.

If you already have data collected for other countries beyond the 23 partner countries, feel free to post it here: Collection of Mappings before the move to transformaps.net

How is it going with Italy?
We have already someone mapping at national level, I think you met already someone.

I could give an hand if he agrees.
I wrote to him but until now no answers.



Hello @Scimonoce, this FAQ-section is dedicated to the SSEDAS project (more infos will be displayed here in the forum soon)

The mapping with SSEDAS www.solidarityeconomy.eu currently works with institutional partners. There is one partner responsible for Italy (COSPE) and currently they got an offline template to map Social and Solidarity Initiatives in Italy. We should have a first visualiziation of the map around april/may. It would be very good, if you can have a look at it then, to see, what kind of initiatives SSEDAS is searching for.

I am in, let me know with whom to speak in COSPE, maybe I can do it gradually…and collaborating integrating supporting…
Let me know @josefkreitmayer thanks