What is the current status of OpenStreetMap proposal?

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(Sam Rossiter) #1

Hi I took a look at this page:


I’m unclear on the current status of the proposal? Has it been formally submitted to OSM for consideration? Does it need more work before it’s submitted? Is there a roadmap of likely timescales?



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(Thomas Kalka) #2

Hi Sam,

the roadmap for submission to OSM is:

  1. do testmapping (during Mapping Month May)
  2. gather at least X examples per Taxonomy entry
  3. polish taxonomy
  4. submit to OSM

(Michael Maier) #3


I would describe the current status of the OSM proposal as “on hold”, because there are major “construction sites” in the proposal that have to be cleared up before we can propose tags:

  • we have to split up the needs into direct and indirect (provides/topic)

  • direct/indirect share no longer the same entries, e.g. air

  • because the needs are matching parts of the OSM tagging system, Many OSM tags imply some needs (e.g. restaurants imply fulfil_needs:food) This relations have to be put in a database (the proposed TransforMap Taxonomy database) - to have an API where computers can fetch these implications is crucial for not “double-tag” properties. So before the needs can be proposed the Taxonomy DB must work.

  • For using the Taxonomy DB, we need links for every need to Wikipedia via Wikidata.

  • We need examples for every need (as already done with identities).

  • For mode of interaction, we also need examples, Wikipedia article links and the Taxonomy DB.

  • The identities need to be split up into official networks like GEN or Transition, and into less strictly defined movements like commons or degrowth.

And to be honest, I’m not sure if should store some of the more loosely defined tags like the movements in our own Extra-Tag-DB instead of OSM. But this has to be discussed with the OSM community once we are clear which of the identities are “established networks” and which are movements.

I am very sure that the sections 4 and 5 are a good candidate for our Extra-Tag-DB instead of OSM.

I would be very happy if the Taxonomy Team would continue to work on the proposal.
Unfortunately, I for myself are busy within the monkey team at the moment :-/

So, I would prioritize the next todos:

  1. split up identities, and propose at least the ‘networks’
  2. collect examples and Wikipedia articles for the interactions
  3. refine the split up of the needs
  4. collect examples and Wikipedia/Wikidata entries for the direct and indirect needs.

Before the interactions and needs can be finally proposed into OSM, we unfortunately are blocked until the monkeys to get the Taxonomy DB up and running :-/

Thanks for the good work until now!

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(Thomas Kalka) #4

verstehe ich nicht.

meinst du “we have had to split the needs” … ?

Dabei sind doch aber gar nicht die Bedürfnisse in direkte oder indirekte aufgeteilt, sondern die Art der Beziehung der einzelnen POIs zu ihnen …
Mir scheint, dass beim Übersetzen der deutschen Denke ins englische ziemlicher Kauderwelsch entsteht.
Eventuell wäre es besser, zuerst einmal auf deutsch genau zu beschreiben, was das Problem ist, und das dann auf dieser Grundlage iterativ zu übersetzen …

(Thomas Kalka) #5

The only place to store this data, which feels right for me, is the OSM Wiki itself. Do you see any chance, to install the semantic mediawiki extension there ?

(Thomas Kalka) #6

So basically we have to collect implications for all OSM amenities only for the “provides / fullfi_needs” relation ?

All other relations / attributes do not seem to be implied by the POI type.

But: not all POI types are indicated by the amenity attribute …

(Michael Maier) #7

Vielleicht hätte ich schreiben sollen, “to split the needs group”… es ging dabei um “Tabelle 1” unserer Taxonomie.

Du hast recht, es geht um die Art, wie ein Bedürfnis erfüllt wird.

I would say, the best way to store it would not be a specific Wiki, but Wikidata! There are already links from Wikidata to OSM tags/key via P1282. (The demo maps already use this propery for translation). Take e.g. a restaurant (Q11707) - We could link a need like food in a way to it, so that a taxonomy can be created out of it.

Yes. This is currently done in a JSON file, which is used by the demo maps. In the future, the Taxonomy DB (or some service extracting the information out of Wikidata) should be generating this or a similar file for use by the end user interface.

Yes, true - there are also the shop=*, office=*, club=* … POIs are collected in this Ethercalc.