What is the motivation behind enabling mappings?

Our goals are

  • start the conversation: engage with local groups from various communities of practice (commons, collaborative economy, ecovillages, p2p, solidarity economy, Transition Town and many others …) from several countries and continents to testmap at the local level.
  • involve communities in a way that they can easily find their perfect fit to contribute to the collective effort of TranforMap for OpenStreetMap
  • involve individuals: engage hackers, users and administrators to contribute their expertise to the further development of the TransforMap technical infrastructure
  • generate first test data: generate over 100 Points of Interest (POIs) in various locations. POI can mean: a community garden, a repair café, a community library, etc.
  • gather feedback:
    • receive in-depth feedback to further refine the taxonomy
    • generate feedback for the technical front end and back end infrastructure
  • generate public attention to grow the network
  • encourage communities to organize their own Map Jams and use mapping to increase the visibility of the alternatives they promote