What is TransforMap?

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(Dagmar Embshoff) #10

Hej Silke und Giuliana - ich find das was oben steht richtig gut!!
Ihr seid super!

(Silke ) #11

habe alles Kommentare versucht zu berücksichtigen, aber nicht intuitiv gefunden, wie ich den thread aufräumen kann…
Ich überlasse das auch gern Dir :slight_smile: Gute Nacht S.

(Thomas Kalka) #12

Das Aufräumen sollte jeder selbst machen.

Also: wer mit obigen Text einverstanden ist, löscht seinen Beitrag oben einfach.
Wer nicht: ebenso löschen, und einen neuen Beitrag erstellen.

(Thomas Kalka) #13

Meiner Ansicht nach ist die Beschreibung zu sehr eingegrenzt auf alternative Ökonomie.

@DagmarE API versteht jeder Techie, und an diese ist es gerichtet.
Ich würde jedoch “standardised” mit “open” ersetzen.

Dann ist da noch das Thema “Lizenz”.
Gibt es dafür eine Einigung ?
Ich plädiere für weitestgehende Kompatibilität und würde wie Wikidata auf Public Domain // CC Zero setzen.

This is more a philosophical question that a technical one :wink:
But for me its fine.
“on one map” would be more bold.

(Michael Maier) #14

In my opinion, not. A clear goal of TransforMap was (imho) to be embedded in other project’s website displaying a subset of the data the website concerns about. It is not to be supposed to be a single map - it’s not even a single database!

(Wolfgang Höschele) #15

I think this looks very good!

Regarding the phrase

In English, capitalizing You is very unusual (not like Sie in German!). So do make it lower case. I would choose either myriads or multitude; one commentator thought myriads is unusual, but I do think it´s understandable and brings across the point of it being very many. The “multitude” reminds me of Communist discourse about “masses”, so I personally would prefer myriads, but I would find either one acceptable.
About “Free Software”: is this normally capitalized? When reading this, I first thought it was starting a new sentence and had to read it a second time in order to make sense of it. This could be avoided if it is not capitalized.
Otherwise I think this can stand as is. Good work, Silke!

(Dagmar Embshoff) #16

Liebe Silke und alle Beteiligten,
ich finde den Text so super!
Aufgrund Michaels technischer Bedenken beim Begriff “singled multi-layered map” könnten wir vllt. “single mapping system (with access via OSM)” schreiben oder “single mapping system with the possibility to show all found alternatives in a single or multilayered map” ??

Bald geschafft!
Hoffe es geht auch mit der Eingabemaske voran… LG, D.

(Dagmar Embshoff) #17

Hej Thomas,
ich dachte die Kurzbeschreibung von Transformap richtet sich an alle die z.B. selbst Alternativprojekte mappen wollen oder darin aktiv sind oder solche finden wollen - also nicht nur Technies… LG, D

(Silke ) #18

Michael, I disagree, for the OSM- step you’re right, but at the end there will be a moment where we can show all alternatives and switch on/off what everybody wishes to see, right?

(Giuliana G.) #19

I would simply cancel “/or” in the sentence: …“serving the common good and/or contributing to a sustainable way of life.” Because it has to be sustainable, whatever it is. Further, one could add “decent”: …“contributing to a decent and sustainable way of life.”, in order to underline the social aspect as well as sustainability.

(Michael Maier) #20

“Free Software” is kind of a trademark of the Free Software Foundation for software that fulfils the Free Software Definition But I looked it up, even Wikipedia is inconsistent :wink:

Would be a replacement that makes me happy :smile: One mapping system - many maps created from it!

(Stefan A) #21

I like the text. I second Wolfgang in regards to the upper case comment. Plethora might also be an alternative to multitude though some people might understand it in a pejorative sense.

I would also favour a few minor language edits (cf. in bold):

TransforMap will provide/provides an online-platform for you You to visualize the myriads/ multitude of alternatives to the dominant economic model on a single, multilayered map. It will give to [unnecessary, should be erased imo] everybody the opportunity to map all the initiatives, communities, projects, worker-owned, self-managed or (at least) democratically organised companies and other institutions dedicated to meeting people’s needs, serving the common good and/or contributing to a sustainable way of life.

TransforMap will show all the places, spaces and networks that work on fostering cooperation and deepening human relationships through (co-)producing, exchanging, contributing and sharing, for a free, fair and sustainable world.

TransforMap invites all the existing mapping initiatives to cooperate for creating an open map based on a common taxonomy, Free Software and standardised APIs. It will be/is published under an Open Data License.

Our world is transforming. There are old and new alternatives all over the planet. TransforMap will show you how to get there. [TransforMap shows where to find them ?]

[Join the map, join the movement! ?]

(Adrien Labaeye) #22

I would suggest to get rid of “at least”. Sentence is already very heavy.

It doesn’t include all the possibilities from the taxonomy.

I would change “free software” to “free and open source software”

(Adrien Labaeye) #23

this part is problematic. Our goal is not only to create one map, but a system that allows each community to have their own sub-sample coming from the same pool of data.
I would suggest the alternative (changes in bold):

"TransforMap invites all the existing mappings and communities to cooperate for creating an open pool of data organized around a common taxonomy, free and open source software and standardised APIs. It will be/is published under an Open Data License.

(Ellen C Friedman) #24

Nice work, everyone!

I like Adrien’s text. Just a couple of suggestions:
TransforMap invites all existing mapping initiatives to cooperate to (or and) create an open pool of data…"

(Silke ) #25

I am not sure if “open pool of data” speaks to ppl, I doubt it does.
It is important to tell to ppl, that we will create a MAP (independently of what is technically behind.)

(Silke ) #26

Michael, I like the phrase as well, but “movement” especially “social movement” is quite a well defined term in political/social sciences and I don’t think we come close to it; for me - calling us “a movement” is generating a false impression

(Thomas Kalka) #27

@DagmarE ich meint lediglich die kurze Passage (zwei drei Worte) bezüglich der API. Aber es könnte auch “open interfaces” heißen.

(Adrien Labaeye) #28

Well this text is addressing a lots of different audiences. It is already said at least once above that we create a map.
Then, my understanding is that now our priority audience is actually not the general public, it is the people in the various communities (and others) who already deal with databases, maps, etc. To them we should make bold and clear that we’re not about creating just one map, but actually want to create a pool of data that is shared (maybe a better formulation could be found). This means that they would be open to sharing their sharing by connecting it to a bigger database, not just migrating their mapping activities on a new map. This is for me a key piece of understanding to communicate.

(Adrien Labaeye) #33

The short description is now available for sharing to anyone under About: http://discourse.transformap.co/c/welcome-on-board/about