What is TransforMap?

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(Silke ) #25

I am not sure if “open pool of data” speaks to ppl, I doubt it does.
It is important to tell to ppl, that we will create a MAP (independently of what is technically behind.)

(Silke ) #26

Michael, I like the phrase as well, but “movement” especially “social movement” is quite a well defined term in political/social sciences and I don’t think we come close to it; for me - calling us “a movement” is generating a false impression

(Thomas Kalka) #27

@DagmarE ich meint lediglich die kurze Passage (zwei drei Worte) bezüglich der API. Aber es könnte auch “open interfaces” heißen.

(Adrien Labaeye) #28

Well this text is addressing a lots of different audiences. It is already said at least once above that we create a map.
Then, my understanding is that now our priority audience is actually not the general public, it is the people in the various communities (and others) who already deal with databases, maps, etc. To them we should make bold and clear that we’re not about creating just one map, but actually want to create a pool of data that is shared (maybe a better formulation could be found). This means that they would be open to sharing their sharing by connecting it to a bigger database, not just migrating their mapping activities on a new map. This is for me a key piece of understanding to communicate.

(Adrien Labaeye) #33

The short description is now available for sharing to anyone under About: http://discourse.transformap.co/c/welcome-on-board/about