(Paul Mackay) #1

Just learnt about http://wheelmap.org/en/. Has anyone in the core team talked to them? Another example of data on another map…

(Silke ) #2

Hi @pmackay , wheelmap is great (and Raul Krauthausen, one of its founders, even greater), but I guess we did not contact them because it is hard to see an “alternative economy” approach and TransforMap’s mission is to map alternatives to the current economic system. Anyway … there will be plenty of overlaps and we should definitly invite them to the regular Berlin TransforMap get together discussed here Berlin : regular TransforMap get-togethers? and elsewhere
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(Thomas Kalka) #3

hm, overlap I see is

  • they are mapping needs / needs providers
  • they use OpenStreetMap as datastore
  • they display nicely their metadata on each OpenStreetMap POI

A fork of their custom card display could be a good use case for us.

xTODO: add entry in mmm.3oe

(Michael Maier) #4


Wheelmap is one of the best examples of an external service using and contributing back to OSM. They have perfected the use of OSM for a simple task - modifying a well-known set of tags on existing OSM objects.
Edits from anonymous users are feeded back in bulk at given time intervals on objects which do not yet have a “wheelchair” tag set. If a user is signed on, he can also modify existing “wheelchair”-tags, delete and create new objects.

The approach of TransforMap should be roughly the same, only our use-case is much more complicated. We have a whole taxonomy instead of three tags, and most of our POIs will be newly added in OSM.