Which TransforMap web services exist?

The Transformap Testbed consists of various web services, which are maintained next to more general communication infrastructure in context of the process. Here we list the individual components and available resources.


The domain transformap.co, DNS and its mail service are owned and maintained by @almereyda. The services are primarily hosted at Ecobytes, if not otherwise noted.
There are mail inboxes (mapping, collective, lab), which are used for mirroring public communication, are linked to third party services and can be accessed upon request.

Welcome Page

The entrance page to the common visitor informs about aims of the process, presents early demonstrators and directs to collaboration platforms in use by the community.

:link: transformap.co - hosted via :wrench: GitHub pages.

Community Documentation

The community which is building TransforMap calls itself Transformaps and relies heavily on Intermapping efforts of close and distant collaborators. Those convene in a civilised place for public discourse.

:link: discourse.transformap.co - :wrench: Discourse

Note: The site you are currently looking at.

Map Viewer

The Map Viewer is intended for user-side compilation of multiple data sources into an interactive, taxonomic and cartographic exploration interface.

:link: viewer.transformap.co - hosted via :wrench: GitHub pages
:wrench: Weblate Project Transformap Viewer and :wrench: Translation files

Map Editor

The Map Editor is used for placing and curating Points of Interests (POIs) within the TransforMap data service.

:link: transformap.co/transformap-editor/ - hosted via :wrench: GitHub pages

Data Service

The data service stores and indexes geospatial data objects (GeoJSON) and makes them available for consumers and other third-parties. All data within the service is considered Public Domain.

:link: data.transformap.co - deployed on :wrench: Dokku-Alt

Data Pipeline

For aggregation of distributed geospatial assetts about alternative economies, there is an experimental extract, transform, load prototype which connects heterogenous data sources with the TransforMap ecosystem.

:link: etl.transformap.co/places-api/ - :wrench: development prototype

Collaborative Thesaurus

As various maps are using different classification schemes for their data, their multiple vocabularies need be represented in appropriate taxonomic and ontologic forms for human- and machine-readable geospatial semantics.

:link: base.transformap.co - :wrench: MediaWiki with :wrench: Wikibase extension

Graph Search

The graph search engine provides an index to an RDF (Resource Description Framework) dump of the base.transformap.co Wikibase database which is queryable with SPARQL.

:link: query.base.transformap.co/bigdata/ - :wrench: Blazegraph

Translation management

For translation of user interface components, we are using a web-based Translation management system.

:link: weblate.transformap.co - :wrench: Weblate

Note: This one could be easily donated to a computational commons, as it does provide an interface for non-mapping specific activities.

Documentation Wiki

Additionally to the wiki functionality of this Discourse community platform, we are providing an experimental service for producing federated content chunks from the inventor of the wiki, wherein :notepad_spiral: paragraphs float inbetween wikis of multiple domains.

:link: .wiki.transformap.co - :wrench: Federated wiki farm deployed on Dokku

OpenStreetMap Demo Viewer

From the early days of the TransforMap proposal building soley on OpenStreetMap, we keep a technical demonstrator for showing an exemplary integration with the Overpass API.

:link: demo.transformap.co - deployed on :wrench: Dokku-Alt

OpenStreetMap Demo Editor

An integration has been achieved with a fork of the OpenStreetMap iD editor, that allows to place community curated POIs about alternative economies within the Public Domain.

:link: editor.transformap.co - deployed on :wrench: Dokku-Alt


The single, centralised implementation of TransforMap is accompagnied by a community process of many Intermapping communities that make up the whole of Transformaps.

The domain transformaps.net is owned and maintained by @toka.
The domain 14mmm.org is owned and maintained by @almereyda.

Mapping of the Mappings Atlas

To generate an overview of already existing mapping initiatives, an atlas has been conceived to collaboratively build an archive of alternative maps.

:link: wiki.transformaps.net - Semantic MediaWiki


Contributors to the community are invited to publish announcements and essays about collective mapping within a digital commons to a shared blog.

:link: blog.14mmm.org - Ghost

Computational Commons Allmende.io

With inception of #14mmm, allmende.io appeared to serve the computational needs of the emerging community. It serves readily available freely-licensed and open source software (FLOSS) to empower communities with up to date communication media.

Maintained by @gandhiano and @almereyda, provided by Ecobytes.
Associated source codes and issues live in github.com/allmende and lab.allmende.io/allmende.

Source Code Management and Issue tracking

For private development of code projects, we are using a GitLab instance linked with a Kanban dashboard.

:link: lab.allmende.io - :wrench: GitLab
:link: swim.allmende.io - :wrench: Kanban

Federated instant messaging

For everyday, timely communication needs, we are building on a federated communication system, which keeps data autonomy with us as providers, and enables multi-device communication streams for participating peers.

:link: matrix.allmende.io - User account and channel management, :wrench: Matrix homeserver
:link: vector.allmende.io - User Interface for chat and teleconferencing; alternatively use Riot.im

File sharing and Calendaring

A simple file synchronisation service is provided by a generally accepted environment.

:link: datengarten.allmende.io - ownCloud

Website Analytics

To track visitor interaction and trace places of interest, we are offering analytics services within the federation.

:link: piwik.allmende.io - :wrench: Piwik


Real-time communication needs, which require more structured imprints than linear activity streams, are being met with collaborative sketchpads.

:link: hack.allmende.io - :wrench: HackMD
:link: text.allmende.io - Etherpad

Text editing

Mostly single-user, asynchronous, offline-capable editing of Markdown documents is made available with a Progressive Web App, which stores assetts in own infrastructure.

:link: stackedit.allmende.io - :wrench: StackEdit Markdown editor


Real-time spreadsheets with calculation complements the more text oriented tools from above.

:link: calc.allmende.io - EtherCalc


These spreadsheets can be used with a navigation menu to quickly distribute link lists during events.

:link: dossier.allmende.io - :wrench: Hackfoldr

Platfrom as a Service (PaaS)

Developer-friendly development environments for quick deployments of custom code artefacts increases the diversity of running code assetts.

apps.ecobytes.net - Dokku-Alt
apps.allmende.io - Dokku

Mailing Lists

The mailing lists are a legacy infrastructure which had been requested at first right before moving from the MMM Discourse to here.

:link: maps@list.allmende.io
:link: global@lists.14mmm.org

Third-party services

Additionally Software-as-a-Service offers from trustable partners are used to extend community outreach into public platforms.


Both the @transformap and the @transformaps community processes maintain Twitter residencies.


As the inventor of social coding revolutionised the way of collaboration on FLOSS happens, we provide to and learn from what happens there.


We have an organisation TransforMap where we develop most of our services.


An initiative of initiatives collects collaborative mapping engines from the community’s peripheries.


Two organisations present tools adapted for a big European research project.


We use the Taiga Transformap Project for process management within #projects teams. This contains a higher-level, user story oriented view on the various activities in the platforms mentioned above. An extensive documentation about the tool is available at taiga.pm.


Recently we have good experiences with VoIP (Voice-over-IP) conferences within Matrix/Riot channels.
Before we were using the public Mumble server for VoIP conferences at voip.open-resource.org.
We have also used https://appear.in/transformap and https://talky.io/transformap in cases of malfunction of the previous.


Abandoned, but full of detail.

Please add any services, their descriptions and links to source code you are aware of.


Just curious, are you running Blazegraph because its what Wikidata uses, and there is an easy(er) integration?

Yes, that’s what’s documented and known to work with Wikidata. Also it is our first experiment with RDF and SPARQL, why we are agnostic of different implementations so far.