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(Thomas Kalka) #1

On / I provide a semantic wiki, which we can use to collect data for 15MMM.
My aim is to create some update on @josefkreitmayer’s questionaire, adding the (imho essential) features

  • contributors should be able to refine their input in small steps
  • we all should be able to talk about our efforts inside the system
  • possibility of continuous adaption of input mask / taxonomy etc. while our knowledge about the process evolves

Anyone courageous enough to try it in its alpha alpha stage is invited to test it …

###Next Steps

  • check, wether the POI input mask at contains all information provided by the questionaire
  • if yes: disable questionaire with a link to
  • update descriptions here in discourse
  • create some maps :wink:

Collection of Mappings before the move to
How to add a marker to as new user?
Strategies for Mapping the eco-social and solidarity economy in soldarity
Proposal for converging Semeoz work and Transformap wiki of maps
(Sam Rossiter) #2

Hi @toka

I put this in just to play about with it really:

I was hoping a pin would show up here: but it hasn’t yet. Does it take a while to display? Or have I done it wrong? Or misunderstood?



(Michael Maier) #3

Hi Sam,

sorry to inform you that the map in isn’t yet linked with the semantic mediawiki. All Items displayed on are directly from the OpenStreetMap database.

If you want to have a point appearing on now, you have to add it to OpenStreetMap, e.g. with the JOSM editor. See here:
Which tools are available for mapping?

[archived] Managing contact data in the Mapping of the Mappings
(Thomas Kalka) #4

But, after adding the Category:Office you will find it on the map of offices in

and also on the map of places at

We are collecting data to talk about taxonomies etc …

Joining them all on a map is the second step.

(Josef Kreitmayer) #6

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Maïa Dereva @MaiaDereva
(Josef Kreitmayer) #7

(Adrien Labaeye) #8

hey @toka: I’ve tried to add a field in the Datasource templates (for edit and display), but it doesn’t show. I assume you have to accept the changes.
The field is to store the URL of the taxonomy documentation of the map on

(Jon Richter) #11