WikiMedia Map tiles

Hello everyone,

Good news from Wikimedia: They are now hosting new tileservers! The style looks nice and very unobtrusive, perfect for background tiles.
And they support https :slight_smile: , what MapQuest Open (which we currently use) is missing.

Look here for further information:

They currently run in experimental mode, but maybe we can use them in TransforMap once stable? Maybe ask them in the next Berlin meeting at the Wikimedia Foundation? @almereyda @alabaeye ?


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I’m replying here in hopes that this will keep me in the loop on this topic.

We ( recently switched from MapQuest to MapBox tiles. MapBox seems a little more trustworthy than MapQuest, but they still have commercial interests to protect which might overpower their commons interests.

We are primarily using MapQuest Open because they are basically free (very high usage limits) for community projects.

Does MapBox offer free tile contingents for community projects? I did only find the paid-for tile-services :-/

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We may never exceed their free limits. TransforMap might, I don’t know.

We started with the MapQuest community edition, but they killed it at the end of last year, and sent us notices pretty much demanding we go to their paid service. Which why they lost our trust, so I did not want to waste any more time with them.

MapBox has also been very responsive to help questions, which MapQuest never was.

Could end up being another short-term win and long-term loss, though.

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