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(Robert Orzanna) #1

Hi all,

In order to increase the popularity of TransforMap, I began to write a Wikipedia article for it.

I submitted it as a first draft. As of now it is not yet accepted due to missing sources.

If you find the time, I welcome everyone to contribute a little bit towards having the article accepted.

The article draft:



How to get involved?
Jules de Roos
TransforMap on Wikipedia
(Thomas Kalka) #2

IMHO we should wait, until we produced some useful results, or even a congruent self awareness :wink:

(Michael Maier) #3

Hi @orschiro,

nice that you have started it :slight_smile:

I want to point you to the TransforMap article in the OSM Wiki! Maybe we should cross-link it and improve both versions with informations from the other?

(Robert Orzanna) #4

Thanks for the follow-up!

Yes, I agree.

We can keep this effort hibernating until indeed we have some more significant results to share.

~ Robert

(Jon Richter) #5

How would such look like?

(Robert Orzanna) #7

Dear all,

I have added TransforMap to the following Wikipedia pages. Let me know what you think.



(Amaury_van_Espen_van) #8


Is there some german speakers available to help us and wikipedia community to translate in german ?
It would be useful to find other to translate it in spanish, italian and dutch.