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(TransforMap Collective) #1

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I think we should put Wikipedia in the center of our strategy in developing the Transformap community. In particular by encouraging alternative communities to engage more on Wikipedia, make their alternatives more visible there. This would involve

  • improving Wikipedia pages that are connected to the things the maps of alternative economies describe/map,
  • improving connections between Wikipedia pages across languages,
  • connecting our own knowledge sources (wiki atlas of maps, taxonomy server) when, and only, relevant.

Basically some kind of an informal alternative economies/transition Wikipedia task force (on the longer term - let’s dream - a Wikipedia article series on alternative economies could then emerge/be proposed).
This would be extremely beneficial to Transformap’s mission (generally) but also to its concrete technical deployment, while multiplying its outreach manyfolds.

I believe students could be a very good target to engage and therefore academic staff:

Concrete //todo: co-design 2/3 actions people can do and insert it in

It could be useful to list Wikipedia articles that cover the broad topic of alternative economies. Three things may benefit from being a bit differentiated:

  • articles that are more theoretical (about alternative/diverse/community economies)
  • others more centered on the different forms of alternative economies themselves: e.g. solidarity economy, commons, sharing/collaborative economy, gift economy. Maybe focusing on the more ‘obscure’ (i.e. with less documentation on Wikipedia).
  • articles/paragraphs focusing on specific practices: community gardening, urban foraging, dumpster diving, cloth swapping, item sharing, community caring (senior, youngsters), community energy, community libraries, micro libraries, etc. We could potentially engage with Shareable’s community (and beyond) on that dimension.

Let's expand our community!
Transformap Community Report #9 - November 2016
Let's expand our community!
(Yves Otis) #2

Hi Adrien!
At RemixtheCommons, we’re trying to achieve the same goals (more exposure for the Commons), but from a different approach. Our starting point is the characterization/description of the video (and audio) collection Remix is curating since its beginnings. We’re trying to connect each of the concepts/terms we use to major knowledge bases like Wikidata/DBpedia, P2P Wiki, Digital Library of the Commons (and soon Transformap!!!) - via what we call concept page - see below.
This exercise is very interesting as it shows an uneven « couverture » for a given concept across the sources, especially across languages. Il also exposes gap between the mainstream definition and the one used by the commoners. And that’s where we need to intervene (on Wikipedia, etc.)

Look here for examples (perpetual work in progress…) :

(Paul Mackay) #3

Could Wikidata be used more by updating more of the topics there in some way? One of the biggest benefits IMHO of Wikidata is that it is a very large resource already and has a high rate of contributions. It might also be interesting to consider what kind of semantic (SPARQL) queries could extract useful lists.

(Benjamin Brownell) #4

I think it’s a great idea to work together to create better shared reference materials and consensus around various elements and concepts in the new/alternative economies landscape.

This is also a direction that we are moving with Real Economy Lab currently, at least to help make sense of leading alternative political-economic paradigms. I am working (slowly) with Metamaps to create a simple explanatory diagram for each paradigm:

This would be great to crowdsource, or consult with trusted academics. The Next System Project have been collecting a set of position papers that go into great depth on several new models and frameworks:

How can we connect and advance these efforts toward a real ‘collective intelligence’ of TAMA?