Wir bleiben alle (convergence/mash-up Map in Berlin)

Hey there. I stumbled upon this map in our mapping http://wirbleibenalle.org/?page_id=2561
It’s a simple hack allowing to display many thematically connected maps as different layers. It’s quite powerful in spite of its crude design.

I’d like to do that with some of our maps from our mapping as one experimentation/demo:

  • do we have contacts with those behind that map?
  • anyone who know what does that entail technically? (APIs? scripts?)
  • any reason we shouldn’t do a hackathon at some point in Berlin in Autumn involving them? possibly connecting that to the data synchronization workshop? (what’s the status of that @almereyda?)

special ping to @toka @almereyda @klaus @Luca

Nice you found it again. I’m wondering how we will connect these discussions with the Metamapping in general bidirectionally. Embedded Discourse and automatical thread syndication via RSS? @toka

For now a key Discourse should do.

Despite that, the aforementioned map blends in nicely with previous work at http://www.projektraeume-berlin.net/interaktivekarte/ and http://berlin-besetzt.de/ . It seems we will be able to meet some of them at the :clipboard: Reclaim Your City Conference end of September.

Yes, I’ve already written them a while ago. So far no response, but we know many people from WBA.

Yes, nice handwritten JavaScript. Including some workarounds to get the data in nicely. They are not using any updated feeds, for example.

This is three questions :smile:

  1. No, not at all. But the activists over there usually lack time for such efforts even more than us.
  2. Very good idea, indeed.
  3. This one is still in flux, as Lille November moved now to December, etc.pp. I’m back in garden conclave, so should have meaningful updates soon.
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What does that mean?

also really like it.

It means they collect and upload the data manually. There is no event-driven updating going on.