Working concepts

(Stefan A) #1

In the interest of internal as much as external communication, it might be usefull to define working concepts such as:

  • Communication infrastructure
  • Taxonomy
  • Multiple, overlapping visions
  • etc…

(Adrien Labaeye) #2

[quote=“sagaskew, post:1, topic:156”]
working concepts
[/quote] you mean some kind of descriptions?

What is this category about?
(Stefan A) #3

Yes, a brief description, so we can communicate it to the outside world bzw. understand each other.

What is this category about?
(Silke ) #4

First time I see @sagaskew 's proposals here; and I guess most of the transformappers didn’t see it at all. Old story :smile:
[proposal moved by @alabaeye here:]

(Adrien Labaeye) #5

hey @sagaskew: sorry not to have contributed to this thread. Have you followed the recent developments?
To sum it up, a lot of things have been written on Discourse. The idea is that we use Discourse as a wiki where the top comment should as much as possible reflect the convergence reached in the following comments. If not yet, please have a look at this important post Join us !

Of relevance to this thread, this implies that it could good to spot conversations that are closed or ongoing that are producing material that are useful for the communication circle or where the communication circle could be active.
As a start, on top of my head, I would direct to the following threads: