WuppDays (#12) Witzenhausen

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@Paul_Free wrote a really nice article about what is going on during the WuppDays (#12) Witzenhausen.

WuppDays in Witzenhausen
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Farewell to Yunity

Yunity has settled into an experimental camping/container/caravan site at Bad DĂĽrrenberg and is investigating its ever new relations to boundary objects/constitutive outsides like the still-to-be-maintained Foodsharing.de legacy and its other descendants like Sharecy (Blog). Occuring internal groupings seem to form independent squads which in changing personal combination fulfill collective needs by

  • going on food saving expeditions,
  • inviting to the foodsharing cafĂ© while often splitting into multiple separate working groups,
  • offering collective physiologic and cognitive wellbeing practices,
  • intricate connection with the hosting Transition House community,
  • continued hyperlocal communication, public events and meshworking or
  • programming and documenting what is going to be the yunity.org approach to sharing.

Their aims, interests and activities currently touch TransforMap narrates in many places:

  • Browsing the Mapping of Mappings to work out networks and communities in cities. Just to see what is already existing at least online, in map form; therefore giving leads to physically follow up and finding out more information about things happening. It has been very useful, i.e. when approaching Marseille.
  • Consciously engaging in a tempospatial self-organisation process with the yunity contributors map
  • Actively pursuing developments in direction of 5 out of 6 technical TransforMap patterns

Some connections appearing in the examples above are missing: Individuals to temporal and geographic forms of data.

Now it is up to our collective strengthening-the-weak-ties skills to bridge similar initiatives with them. Vientos, Value Flows, Linked Profiles and Offer Networks come to mind.

We are glad and happy to see them disperse into new adventures again and are already looking into finding new chances for crossing paths.

Transformap Community Report #9 - November 2016