WuppDays in Witzenhausen

(Jon Richter) #1

We have been talking about the possibility of inviting 30 hippie warriors into Witzenhausen and letting them do their thing within a specified time and space that we offer.

As @Paul_Free, @tiltec and @gandhiano might already appeal to this idea, we should also bring @Samsemilio and Doug into play, in so there is going to be quality keyboard hacking time.

How do we move about this?

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(Samuel Andert) #2

As I am appealed by that idea, I will come up with a project proposal in the coming weeks, no time at this moment to write a proper document.

(Jon Richter) #3

@maxlath You also mentionned a crossing here and there sounded inviting, i.e. directly after Berlin, am I right?


yes! back to Witzenhausen \o/

(Paul Free) #5

yeah the intention would be to make it in November which will be then shortly after the event in Berlin.

For the wuppdays in Witzenhausen I would be interested in setting a bit more focused intention, to then be able of sending a clear invitation so then people interested in working on specific topics can more easily team up.

Beside that, as usual all the yunity and hippie activities. ^^

I gonna try to have a talk in the comming days with some of us to see what our intention of being in witzenhausen with you would be.

One of my interestes as always to see how to collaborate, while opening the silos of groups. :slight_smile:

@maxlath would be great to see you around november in witzenhausen!

(Gualter Barbas Baptista) #6

We are having a meeting of the Transition House either next week (5th) or after (12th). Would be great to have more information from possible WuppDays and what it means until then, so that we can present to the group and assess any logistics needed.

(Paul Free) #7

great. i try to write a couple sentence until then.

(Paul Free) #8

@gandhiano Wuppdays Witzenhausen:
With having ecobytes, transition town, transformap and inventaire during this time in Witzenhausen the Wuppdays suits very good to strengthen, also through finding out how each of the projects can be supported.
What we will beside that, exactly work on is in this moment unclear. It should get more clear after the Hackathon in Berlin, the Wupphouse action in Saasen and updates from Anna in Marseille.
Around 1-2 weeks.

From the last syscon (kind of like consens) we decided on to focus on:
“To create then launch the yunity platform which will first bring the foodsharing movement world-wide.”

This is already a couple of weeks ago and the focus feels to have shifted a bit. (beta version shouldn’t take to much longer to be in use.)
I would let before the Wuppdays in Witzenhausen run another syscon to see how people feel,

One of my focuses during the wuppdays will lie rethinking the way we organize, writing (hopefuly with Doug some manuals), shifting from propertery software to libre, focusing and cristalizing collaboration possibilities and see how we can activate yunity contributers.

How many people:
It’s getting winter and some flee into the south, but I still would count with 20-30.

Most of us are fine with sleeping anywhere. Are there madresses which can be used?

We prefer to eat from garbage cans then restaurants. Incl. picking some plants or fruits from nature and we feel like being in heaven.
Questions: Is there a foodsharing initative ( I think I remember the last time I’ve been there yes). How is the dumpster situation? Are there fruit trees we can pick, or other food we can harvest.

I would like to have it in November for 2-4 weeks.

(Gualter Barbas Baptista) #9

As that is one of the main areas of work of Ecobytes, providing free/libre tools and related workflows to (disperse) teams and networks, it would definitely be an interesting focus, also for us.

Sure, there are mattresses, although not 20-30. I would check in the next house meeting how we could think this. Would you all like to sleep directly in the house, very tight, or is it ok and desired to also look for places around (WGs, Yurt and caravans, etc.)?

There is a Essensverschenkregal at the entrance of TT, but it’s quite small and busy at all times (so not to expect a lot). There is a lot of people containering, which is why in Witzenhausen itself it is difficult to find good containers. Usually Bad Sooden (15 km from here) had quite good containers, but I heard last week they fenced it hard.

However, there is a good scene for this (see e.g. http://containerprozesswiz.blogsport.de/), and I think we could use your event to mobilize/create a momentum with the community.

There are many fruit trees around, but I guess by November most are out of season, apart maybe from some late apple trees. Transition Town Witzenhausen has active work on this (harvesting abandoned orchards, finding owners who are willing to share, etc.), so we could possibly use it. But, again, November will be limited in the amount supplied, and people here (remember, it’s a faculty of ecological agriculture) are already very good in getting hold of available resources.

Furthermore, we can also ask the local CSA initiative to provide some vegetables and potatoes. In any case, there is twice a week some surplus left, which can be taken by anyone. We could ask if it would be ok to offer this to you directly. Again, it’s November, so vegetable production will be very low in comparison to now.

Please clarify the desired length with your group. Also, it would be important to understand how you want to contribute to the house, especially as you are probably not paying a contribution. This can be in the form of renovation of maintenance works, organisation of events generating income (e.g. cooking, cafés, etc.). The house is passing through a quite critical situation (although improving), both in terms of finances and collaborators, so it would be very important to see how your stay could contribute to improve the dynamics.

I would need to bring ideas to the Transition House assembly, ideally already for the one next week. Or I ask the people to express what they would like to have from you, and we initiate dialogue.

For the hackerspace (3rd floor of the house), which is directly rented by Ecobytes, we obviously provide you with the space unconditionally, so the request above is only for the usage of the remaining hous.

Looking forward for the yunity bunch to come :wink:

(Samuel Andert) #10

@all Which dates are you planning to get creative?

(Paul Free) #11

Hi there,
I’m planning to come next week to start setting up the “infrastructure”.
I’ve created also this pad in which people wrote a bit about their intention of attending.
So far it seems the wuppdays stay quite small. ,also not to much developers will show up (from what it looks so far) …hope I can motivate some more.

that;s the pad: https://pad.disroot.org/p/witzenhausen

and that’s a poll when people are interested in comming: https://pad.disroot.org/p/witzenhausen
(this was mainly to see where people have the best time)

(Samuel Andert) #12

I am not free during november and december. So for me only a january session is possible

(Jon Richter) #13

Yes, it seems with November nearing, we can a lot more accurately anticipate which volume this WuppIteration will have. From the side of Transition House Witzenhausen there is the need for three active organisers for this event, with @Paul_Free and me being the obvious core and hopefully yet another individual.

Then we have been asking around regarding the foodsharing and container situtation, but have gotten news it would be quite hard in town. Active advocacy and approaching shop owners with the idea will be needed (yet again) to provide the food part of our collectively shared needs.

I can already offer 3 ~ 5 sleeping places in my room from 7.11. to 15.11., when I have to be in Berlin. Everything else will have to be improvised, next to the dorm in TT House.

(Jon Richter) #14

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